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A better life

A better life   Today, 18 april 2018, we visited our ISK (International Link Classes) building. ISK is a school where immigrants go to, to learn Dutch and the Dutch culture. It is a small part of the Valuascollege, our… Continue Reading →

Roermond april 2018

Roermond April 2018   We had a very busy programme in the exchange week, but in the afternoon at Tuesday we had some free time. The whole exchange group decided to go to Roermond, a lovely city in the Netherlands… Continue Reading →

Similarities and differences Sweden / Netherlands

Similarities and differences between the Netherlands and Sweden.   In this UFO week in Venlo, we have experienced and found a lot of similarities between our cultural lifestyles. We would like to describe our experience from both the visit in… Continue Reading →

UFO Venlo debating

The debating course   On tuesday 17-04-2018  we had a very interesting program, we were going to debate. Well, I knew from the beginning what you can expect when you enter a workshop debating. I am in the debating group… Continue Reading →

Nova Rock 2018

In exactly 100 days it’s that time of the year again: A few cold beers, an amazing atmosphere und a location that makes the heart of every rock-fan beat faster. All of those things and much more is what the… Continue Reading →

Interview With Artist Peter Ruef (AUT)

Peter Ruef is a painter who lives, together with his two wonderful cats, in an old, small farmhouse with an amazing view on the Hengstberg. We visited him and asked him what it was like to be an artist nowadays…. Continue Reading →

Austria’s Sheer Horror (AUT)

You may think: “What the hell can be so terrifying to title this article with the headline “Austria’s sheer horror”?”. Well, if you visit Austria in December or January you will get your answer. It’s the Perchts and Krampusse. On… Continue Reading →

Will Croatia ever be like Sweden? (CRO)

It’s just another day in Croatia. You can’t say what is the messiest thing in our everyday lives – the traffic, political scene, our educational system? Wherever you look around, you can see holes in the system, little peace-eating bugs… Continue Reading →

The non-verbal expression of emotions in communication (CRO)

Emotions are an integral part of our everyday life. We show our feelings through them. We find them in everything we do and in communication. Showing emotions can be verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal communication is defined as the way people… Continue Reading →

Nutrition (CRO)

Nutrition is an elective course in our school. This year we introduced 15 new items and nutrition was our first choice. We want to learn something important for health and to improve our lives. Nutrition is applied to the science… Continue Reading →

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