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Where to put it?

When you come to other countries, you begin to notice the differences between your beloved state and your new temporary or permanent home. So did we. Born and raised in Croatia, we came to Sweden and saw things that are… Continue Reading →

Gender differences in social media

Everyone reads the newspaper or a magazine once in awhile, but have you ever thought about the gender differences which are consciously made in the photos, shown in the papers? Probably not. Well, we also did not until this week. We have had… Continue Reading →

Cultural Differences between Austria and Sweden

Once you have been to Sweden you will definitely notice the cultural differences between Sweden and your country. We, four students from Austria, summarized the differences between Sweden and our country and now we want to tell you them. Let’s… Continue Reading →

Is Sweden living in its own bubble?

From the moment we sat on the plane, we felt the excitement. Every journey to a new country is a story on its own but we wanted to feel our story with beautiful Swedish memories that will last forever. Sweden… Continue Reading →

High school life

High school was way too different from elementary, and I know who is currently reading this will probably agree with me, don’t you think? Many things changed, and I was not prepared for those changes. I tried to be more… Continue Reading →

Sport Visitor Program in USA

  I am Riona Azemi, student of high school ” Eqrem Qabej” besides school I also play basketball and I have been  part of a project called Sport Visitor Program that took place in USA from 13th to 24th March … Continue Reading →


To better understanding our motives, here are some facts: 1. My sister has a great boyfriend – very interesting and communicative. 2. Her boyfriend got a mouse for his last birthday – a laboratory white mouse, the one like from… Continue Reading →

Folklore as a Mirror of Culture

” – Women, pack your coffers, we are travelling!   – Where did you get the money?   – No money, I enrolled us on folklore! “ This couldn’t be more true. Believe me, I’m in this for more than… Continue Reading →

It’s me or her!

In summer it is very hard to sleep; under the blanket it is too warm, but without them we are vulnerable to monsters.  Last night I manage to fall asleep, but still I woke up earlier than I needed –… Continue Reading →

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