River Banks in Ybbs

In the course of the (virtual) EU’R’AQUATIC meeting organised by our Slovenian partner students got the task to examine and compare natural, polluted and maintained river banks. Doing so, the Austrian group produced a video for documentation of this task;… Continue Reading →

The Vartry River Basin

The river catchment around Wicklow Town includes the area drained by the Rivers Avoca and Vartry.  The bedrock underlying the Wicklow Mountains is granite while slates and quartzites underlie the eastern coastal part of the catchment.  The Vartry River rises… Continue Reading →

The River Vartry

The River Vartry rises in the Wicklow Mountains at Sally Gap and flows down to the BroadLough Bird Sanctuary at the Irish Sea in Wicklow town. Even dough it is a beautiful river in one of the most senic areas… Continue Reading →

Coastal Erosion in Ireland

As an island surrounded by the sea, Ireland has to be concerned about the effects of coastal erosion.  More than 50% of the Irish population lives within 15km of the coastline but most of these people are concentrated in a… Continue Reading →

Coastal Erosion in Wicklow

The Murrough is one of Wicklow Town’s best attractions with its 15km coastal wetland walk. It has bee the subject of many a painter and the favourite route of many walker from the town and surrounding area.  it is the… Continue Reading →

Danube Water – Surprising Results

Being among the most intensely analysed rivers worldwide, tests in the Danube showed surprising results. The analysis of our own samples from the Danube along the National Park did not show any striking contamination or irregularities; however, the professional testing… Continue Reading →

Power Plant Ybbs/Persenbeug

After finishing lunch at the restaurant in the middle of the old town of Ybbs, called “Mang” we headed to the oldest water power plant in Austria. The group met at the car park in front of the entrance of… Continue Reading →

It’s getting dark at the National Park Donauauen

Without any light through the Danube’s lowland forest. It was a special challenge for the students of the school center SZ-YBBS, which took part in the optional school subject named MIP (Management internationaler Projekte) and the new Erasmus+ project EU’R’AQUATIC…. Continue Reading →

The impact of your watermelon logo t-shirt. (Part I. of the impact of fast fashion industry)

by Gregor Kokal   2018 is slowly coming to an end. If we compare it to 2001 or 2008 it wasn’t such a bad year in the new millennium. Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang brought hope for an end of tensions with… Continue Reading →


Cyberbullying is one of the most common forms of new generation violence. Malpractice over the internet and mobile phones has taken on a worrying scale over the last few years. The police every year receives more and more anonymous internet… Continue Reading →

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