Conference “Quality in Enterprise Development” –  QED  was organized in May, 2017. by CROZ – Croatian IT Company every year  in Croatian coastal town  Zadar. This year’s Conference had a very important theme – Harmony. The goal was to provide insights on how to utilize full potential of individuals in achieving peak efficiency of the organization and how to harmonize new generations with the knowledge and experience that we already have.

I got the opportunity to be one of the speakers in a panel discussion about synergy of generations. Isn’t that the most crucial thing to achieve in business, school and in private life? But we can see that it is often hard to find a balance between the wisdom and experience of older ones and creativity and idealism of young ones.

With my colleagues, also high-schoolers from Zagreb, I tried to explain the audience how our teachers and other older, more experienced members of our society, have a great influence on us.

We tried to be the ambassadors of our generation and explain that we often get misunderstood and not taken seriously which, obviously, can’t lead to harmony.

We concluded that quality of education in general  is the first step that could lead to better understanding between  generations.

So we think that it would be great if older generation invest more time and pay more attention in helping  younger one to  grow into strong , independent and responsible persons.

Also that it is necessary to change school system in our country. This one it is rigid, in some way  demotivating and unsupportive for students to express their peak potentials.

Written by: Marta Paladin