A Detective Story by Ana Pusnik

One day, on an autumn Sunday, the police get an emergency call. “There’s been a murder in Stanwitch woods, a young woman found in her apartment”, says chief inspector Harvey to his crew. “She was found on the bathroom floor, with an open wound in her head. The murder weapon was not found, but it appears as though it was some sort of a pointy, heavy object, perhaps a vase, or a trophy? She was found by her next door neighbour, Missis Ralley, who heard some noises of struggle through the walls. But she is an old lady, who has trouble walking, so when she arrived to her neighbour’s home, it was too late. The murderer was already gone. She is here now, to give a statement, along with the victim’s best friend Stephanie Mellow and the victim’s brother Peter.”

Later, the interrogations begin. “So, Missis Ralley, what can you tell me about your neighbour?” asked chief Inspector Harvey. “Oh, such a wonderful young girl, she helped me many times, when I had trouble carrying shopping bags to my apartment, because of my weak legs. What a tragedy, if only I could have been there earlier, maybe she would still be alive…” whined the old lady. Chief inspector Harvey tried to calm her, but the old lady would not stop shaking and blaming herself for what had happened.

Next, Inspector Harvey needed to speak to the victim’s brother, whom she was supposed to be meeting that day for dinner. “How is this even possible? How could someone do that to such fun, nice and loving person like my sister?” Peter was asking himself as Chief Harvey entered the interrogation room. “Well there had to be someone who didn’t think of her that way considering the circumstances” he interfered. Did she have any friends or colleagues with whom she fought a lot, maybe an ex-boyfriend?” “No, she never liked to fight; she had a way with people. And she was never the type of person to commit to a relationship; she mostly just had flings, nothing serious. She did start seeing someone new though I believe, but wouldn’t tell me about him when I asked”. “Interesting”, said Harvey to himself before leaving the room to talk to the next person.

“Miss Mellow, you had lunch with your best friend just hours before her murder, is that correct? Tell me about it.” “Yes, I was very upset, because I had just broken up with my boyfriend and she was a great listener. We didn’t have much time though, because I had an afternoon class to attend and she said something about meeting her brother for dinner that evening. They met a lot the last couple of weeks for some reason.” “You two were very close, right? Did she tell you about this new guy she was seeing?” “She was my best friend, yes. You must be wrong; she didn’t mention anyone and she would have told me if she met someone. We told each other everything. I just can’t believe she’s gone. She didn’t deserve to be killed, especially by a stupid trophy. I wish it was me in her place” cried Stephanie Mellow.

After talking to all three, Chief Inspector Harvey arrested the murderer.

Who is the killer and what could be his/her motives?