According to the law, age is defined as his or her physically achieved lifetime. Age discrimination is a major problem in today’s society. Roughly 8 percent of the swedish population have sometime been discriminated because of their age at a job interview. According to the mediator of discrimination, all employers must actively encourage equal rights. Moreover, since 2017 employers must apply all grounds for discrimination, including age discrimination.

A survey conducted by students at Fridagymnasiet, Vanersborg investigated age discrimination at job interviews. The survey consisted of two questions; “Have you ever been discriminated during a job interview?” and “Do you believe that discriminations occur often during these circumstances?”. Seventeen people were interviewed, six (35%) replied that they had been discriminated at a job interview and eleven (65%) believed that discriminations during job interviews happen somewhat often.

According to the mediator of discrimination most age discriminations are unrecorded, thus there is a lack of trustworthy statistics. The study conducted by students at Fridagymnasiet differs from statistics from Statistikcentralen. There are two explanations, either the study is more accurate as it focuses on the personal experiences of employees rather than the recorded discriminations, or it is less accurate as the study is too small, with the latter being more likely. Therefore, the statistics from Statistikcentralen should be more accurate, even though most discriminations are not documented. 

Age discrimination is a problem which we do not know the extent of. The fact that most discriminations go undocumented leads to untrustworthy sources as statistics differ from source to source. The problem leads to (mostly) older people having trouble finding jobs. However, as age is relative, everyone can be affected.

Viktor Larsson