It’s unfortunately too often that people who’s looking for a job gets discriminated because of their age in today’s society. At discrimination mediator there is a law saying that it’s illegal to discriminate someone because of the person’s age. 8 Percent of Sweden’s population has sometime been discriminated because of their age according to discrimination mediator and that’s far too many.

The reason why people gets discriminated because of their age is either that they’re too old or too young. When an employer are about to hire someone, he or she doesn’t want a person who’s old and about to retire in a couple of years. The employer also doesn’t want to hire someone who just got out from school and doesn’t have any experiences at all. That’s why I think age discrimination occurs.

Me and my friends did a survey where we got out and asked people two different questions about age discrimination. The questions were as following: “Have you ever been discriminated at a job interview because of your age?”. The other was: “Do you think age discrimination is plain in our society?”. We asked 17 different people and 6/17 said yes on the first question (35%), and that means 11 people said no which is approximately 65%. 11/17 answered yes on the second question which is 65% and the following six persons constitutes 35%.

My conclusion of this survey is that far too many people in our country are being discriminated because of their age. Employers are too narrow-minded and are just focusing on people’s age instead of their capacity. This survey was pretty small so it’s hard to make a conclusion about the result. It would probably be a different result if we asked a higher amount of people. It’s pretty easy to see the difference depending on how many people you ask when we got a result of 35% on a question that discrimination mediator got 8% on. That’s because they asked a higher amount of people.

Niklas Jakobsson