A functional impairment can have consequences on an individual’s life. Most of the time when one hear disability one think about the visible disabilities, the physical disabilities. However, there are multiple disabilities not noticeable for the naked eye. Neuropsychiatric is when a person is having problems with the social, for example adhd or autism. Other dysfunctions are intellectual which means difficulties with taking in, processing and passing information. In other words also called for cognitive disabilities. How shall one work to improve the society when all dysfunctions are not seen? In Vänersborg, Sweden, is therefore a council handling disability issues.

Vänersborg ease the disabled’s everyday by having a council processing disability issues. The people that influence in the council is working together with represents from disability organizations for different types of disabilities. From disabled people to mentally impaired. The represents in the council brings up questions concerning the problems in society and tries to affect the authorities to take for example movement friendly decisions. The problems occurring depends completely on the individual’s dysfunctional. The most common one is the opportunity of getting in and out of stores, meaning the accessibility of different compartments. There is now however statutorily that everyone should have access to public areas. Both physically handicapped and visual impairment are affected of the accessibility of places. A great problem for people with reduced vision are advertising signs placed on the sidewalk sometimes causing previously mentioned people to walk in the street.

To ease for disabled there is for example an accessibility database where businessmen can inform how accessible their place is and what resources there are to help the handicapped. Some of the resources the society offers are hearing loop systems, braille, wheelchair accessible rooms and passageways.

There are difficulties for mentally and physically disabled people in the society but there is help to get thanks to councils that process disability issues. It is important to know that even if it is not visible on a person if he or she is disabled you never know. After all, one shall not be hindered by the society, because the society is for everyone.

Minonna Nunstedt