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The impact of your watermelon logo t-shirt. (Part I. of the impact of fast fashion industry)

by Gregor Kokal   2018 is slowly coming to an end. If we compare it to 2001 or 2008 it wasn’t such a bad year in the new millennium. Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang brought hope for an end of tensions with… Continue Reading →

A Murder in Stanwitch Woods, Chief Inspector Harvey investigates (SLO)

A Detective Story by Ana Pusnik One day, on an autumn Sunday, the police get an emergency call. “There’s been a murder in Stanwitch woods, a young woman found in her apartment”, says chief inspector Harvey to his crew. “She… Continue Reading →


My family never travelled anywhere farther than Croatia or Austria, because they don’t really care about experiencing new adventures, worlds and cultures, but I do. I’ve always wanted to travel, but never really got the chance until now. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Internationale Schakelklas – International School (ISK)

We often get curious when people mention immigrants and suddenly prejudices pop into our head. Some of us don’t really know the story behind those people. We got a chance to meet them and see how their education looks like…. Continue Reading →


THE VISIT TO THE ISK, THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOR IMMIGRANTS   On the 18th of April we visited the ISK, the International School for Immigrants. At first they introduced the school system in the Netherlands and in this school to… Continue Reading →


JOHN GREEN: LOOKING FOR ALASKA   Looking for Alaska is John Green’s first novel, published in 2005. It has won multiple awards ever since.   CHARACTERS: We meet 3 main characters in the plot of the novel. Miles Halter(Pudge) who… Continue Reading →

Pekarna (SLO)

During our UFO meeting in Maribor, we visited the squat Pekarna (which means bakery in Slovenian), where we had a tour around the complex and we spoke to two artists that have been there from the beginning. It all started… Continue Reading →

KIBLA; The Shelters of Babylon (SLO)

On Thursday the 16th October we, a group of international students, visited the KIBLA Portal. KIBLA Portal is an art gallery, specialized for the international topics. Its current topic is “The shelters of Babylon”. It is a non-governmental institution focused… Continue Reading →

English Student Theatre (SLO)

During the UFO-meeting in Maribor, Slovenia, the main focus was culture and its differences and similarities within different genres compared to other cultural environment. We were divided into international teams, who were given a cultural place to explore. Our group… Continue Reading →

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover (SLO)

  GT 22 is a place where different organisations work together for the same cause- to enrich and improve modern culture among Maribor citizens. It is located on the main square of Maribor among residential buildings and the exterior looks… Continue Reading →

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