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Sports! Too much of a priority in school, right?

Sports! Too much of a priority in school, right? Wrong! We’re all told that we should exercise for at least 60 minutes a day and we’re always reminded of the benefits of sports. Exercising reduces stress, anxiety and the chance… Continue Reading →

The work of a Journalist

Interview with Hans Hermann on why he became a journalist for The Kurier Newspaper Sophie: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, we’re just going to ask you a few questions. So what made you want to become a journalist?… Continue Reading →

What is this? Dutch? – Ireland and our struggle with foreign languages

Irish people love to talk, this is a well-known fact. So well-known that we have our own saying ‘the gift of the gab’ meaning the gift of never shutting up. For a country that loves to have a chat and… Continue Reading →

Mixing cultures- An interview and opinion

As a newer and more culturally diverse time begins to dawn on Ireland and the world, the advent of mixed lineage families is becoming a more common occurrence in our communities. As a born and bred Irish citizen, I am… Continue Reading →

The ever-changing attitudes of the Irish people and how we can change it-An observation

Ireland has always been known as the country of ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ with its rolling green hills and receptive population. However, I must challenge how genuine this image still is. According to recent surveys and censuses, the Irish public… Continue Reading →

My Uniting Future adventure in Austria

Day 1: The journey started very early, with all four of us getting up around 3:30am. SarahJane’s Dad picked me up around 4:30 and we all travelled sleepily together to Dublin Airport. Nervous excitement was among the group as we… Continue Reading →

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