At a very early stage we decided to go for a sustainable project which would have a long term effect on our school. So we decided to try to get rid off all the plastic drinking bottles, which represented the main part of annoying plastics.

After finding out about the feasibility of alternatives, we decided to try to convince school management to replace the classic vending machines by machines which would serve refill bottles and paper cups. After the headmaster had agreed to cut contracts with the existing beverage supplier, we found a company which provides the desired machines which are built in Austria and use local organic juices for the machines.
In a second step, we started to look for bottles at reaonable prices, which would fit into the machines. Thanks to information by our Slovenian partner we made contacts to a Slovenian shop which also printed our logo on the glass bottles.
In a third step, we gave bottles to all first graders, all the other students and teachers got the chance to buy the EU’R’AQUATIC bottles at a low price. Information campaigns accompanied this project.

We would not have believed that the students would so happily accept the chance and that they would be quite happy with the refill bottles and vending machines which turned out to be better and also cheaper per portion than the former plastic bottle supplier. Now we can say that our schools have managed to dramatically reduce plastic waste production for many years to come – a good example of sustainability.