To better understanding our motives, here are some facts:
1. My sister has a great boyfriend – very interesting and communicative.
2. Her boyfriend got a mouse for his last birthday – a laboratory white mouse, the one like from cartoon “Pinky and the Brain”.
3. The guy who gave him that present has a girlfriend.
4. His girlfriend have had the birthday recently and nobody knew what to get her.
5. My grandma has cats – among others: two kitties.
6. My family can get very creative sometimes.

If this is too much information – sorry – I tried to be accurate. In general, the plan was very simple: They gave a mouse, we’ll give a cat; hoping the next present won’t be a dog. Simple? Well, then it got complicated.

My grandma lives in a village among nature and animals. She has a large barn with hay and this is a place where our cat got kitties. Those little cats had grown but become not a slight domesticated. We were preparing for the hunt. It shouldn’t be a problem for us – my other sister and I have always been ninjas, spies, assassins, warriors of the night, walkers of shadow (pretty interesting childhood:)… It should be like when Arya has been hunting a little black cat with the half of ear (from Game of Thrones – the book; not series!): “Quickly like a deer. Silent like a shadow. The fear cut deeper than the swords. Fast as a snake. Calm like a stagnant water.” We went to adventure; to the adventure in a barn! hehe! We knew behind which bale of hay is their hiding place so we step courageously into that dark world where spiders on their huge webs, hideous rats, flying bugs and lovely, sweet, comely, adorable, soft future present live.  Those small creatures hide very efficiently. When no one wanted to put their hand into their nest, we had to roll over a few bales of hay. They were heavy but our muscles did it! And we found nothing! At one moment it seemed to me something run away. But under the hay we found nothing! I mean, there in the hole was a rat or a hedgehog, we weren’t sure. But we gave up after that. Nobody was ready to go deeper to hell after those cute beasts and I couldn’t do it myself. I mean, what if something kills me, eats me and leaves no remain. I don’t want to die like that! I want to give my organs when I won’t need them to someone who will! So we abandoned the barn, lastly. I don’t know what the girl got for the present; a box of chocolates probably…

On the pictures is only the mother, because little ones are too afraid of anything and rarely come out of the barn, but we know they are still hiding there and look just like her – yup, I saw them 😉


Miljana Stojčić, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia