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Photo Workshop (AUT)

  What are the two most important things about journalism? Right, writing articles and take photos. We, the team from ufo in Ybbs had the privilege to learn how to take good photos from the photographer Franz Weingartner. Franz Weingartner… Continue Reading →

More than a school

Relating a school motto to personal stories Valuascollege, a school that likes to say that it’s more than just a school. This is a motto most students like to mock and point out flaws of the school, but in the… Continue Reading →

Nutrition (CRO)

Nutrition is an elective course in our school. This year we introduced 15 new items and nutrition was our first choice. We want to learn something important for health and to improve our lives. Nutrition is applied to the science… Continue Reading →

TOP classes at the Valuascollege (NL)

Top classes Talent development programme TOP which stands for Talent development programme offers students the opportunity to get their diploma and at the same time develop their talent. Within our TOP classes, we focus on the talents below: – Dance… Continue Reading →

Intensive language learning at the Valuascollege (NL)

Valuascollege offers intensive language learning in German in year 2 up to and including year 5 of pre-university education and in year 2 up to and including year 4 of Senior General Secondary Education. Students who follow intensive language learning… Continue Reading →

Summer School of Science (CRO)

It’s a middle of August. Daily temperatures aren’t lower than 34°C. You may wonder why are 30 students participating in a summer school for a week instead of sun bathing and swimming at the nearby beach? You can find the… Continue Reading →


Big sports hall, a lot of students… new but friendly people and all of them different in their own way. All of us having one thing in common: a particular love for science. You could feel the excitement in the… Continue Reading →

Sports! Too much of a priority in school, right?

Sports! Too much of a priority in school, right? Wrong! We’re all told that we should exercise for at least 60 minutes a day and we’re always reminded of the benefits of sports. Exercising reduces stress, anxiety and the chance… Continue Reading →

School magazine – This is our lab!

A new issue of the school magazine is being published every year, and students of our school can enjoy interesting texts that journalists have prepared for them all year long. The title of the school magazine is Labos (which can… Continue Reading →

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