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Austria in Memes

Eiffel tower – art or gigantic chimney (CRO)

The Eiffel Tower is certainly one of the most famous buildings in the world. Less known are the fun facts connected to him, such as the  tower was sold to old iron for two times, that Robert Moriarty had flown… Continue Reading →

A Murder in Stanwitch Woods, Chief Inspector Harvey investigates (SLO)

A Detective Story by Ana Pusnik One day, on an autumn Sunday, the police get an emergency call. “There’s been a murder in Stanwitch woods, a young woman found in her apartment”, says chief inspector Harvey to his crew. “She… Continue Reading →

Similarities and differences Sweden / Netherlands

Similarities and differences between the Netherlands and Sweden.   In this UFO week in Venlo, we have experienced and found a lot of similarities between our cultural lifestyles. We would like to describe our experience from both the visit in… Continue Reading →

Of Mice & Men in WIEN am 13.04.2018 (AUT)

Of Mice & Men ist eine amerikanische Post-Hardcore-Band aus Kalifornien, welche vom ehemaligen Attack Attack!-Sänger Austin Carlile gegründete wurde. In der neunjährigen Historie von Of Mice & Men, die sich nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von John Steinbeck benannten, existieren so viele… Continue Reading →

Interview With Artist Peter Ruef (AUT)

Peter Ruef is a painter who lives, together with his two wonderful cats, in an old, small farmhouse with an amazing view on the Hengstberg. We visited him and asked him what it was like to be an artist nowadays…. Continue Reading →

Austria’s Sheer Horror (AUT)

You may think: “What the hell can be so terrifying to title this article with the headline “Austria’s sheer horror”?”. Well, if you visit Austria in December or January you will get your answer. It’s the Perchts and Krampusse. On… Continue Reading →

Nutrition (CRO)

Nutrition is an elective course in our school. This year we introduced 15 new items and nutrition was our first choice. We want to learn something important for health and to improve our lives. Nutrition is applied to the science… Continue Reading →

Pekarna (SLO)

During our UFO meeting in Maribor, we visited the squat Pekarna (which means bakery in Slovenian), where we had a tour around the complex and we spoke to two artists that have been there from the beginning. It all started… Continue Reading →

KIBLA; The Shelters of Babylon (SLO)

On Thursday the 16th October we, a group of international students, visited the KIBLA Portal. KIBLA Portal is an art gallery, specialized for the international topics. Its current topic is “The shelters of Babylon”. It is a non-governmental institution focused… Continue Reading →

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