Similarities and differences Sweden / Netherlands

Similarities and differences between the Netherlands and Sweden.   In this UFO week in Venlo, we have experienced and found a lot of similarities between our cultural lifestyles. We would like to describe our experience from both the visit in… Continue Reading →

Austria’s Sheer Horror (AUT)

You may think: “What the hell can be so terrifying to title this article with the headline “Austria’s sheer horror”?”. Well, if you visit Austria in December or January you will get your answer. It’s the Perchts and Krampusse. On… Continue Reading →

Folklore as a Mirror of Culture

” – Women, pack your coffers, we are travelling!   – Where did you get the money?   – No money, I enrolled us on folklore! “ This couldn’t be more true. Believe me, I’m in this for more than… Continue Reading →

Peeing on axes to get rid of your exes?

Magic is something that has existed a long time ago. It arrives in various forms around the world such as the Hoodoo magic found in Africa or the Pow-wow magic which is usually practiced by Pennsylvania Dutch people. In eastern… Continue Reading →

My national culture is the best

Slovakia. Many people don´ t know a lot about us. However, for me, Slovakia is my home. The culture in Slovakia is the result of various traditions and because of its position in Central Europe, it´s also influenced by Austrian,… Continue Reading →

Story about the exploration of Southern Dalmatia

Black island and red wine Crystal clear sea, warm sunny days and rich cultural heritage. These are the main attributes of Dalmatian cost, southernpart of Croatia. This summer I’vevisited thesouthernmost region of Dalmatia and its most famous representatives– island Korčula,… Continue Reading →

Toy stores impact on kids and their childhood

Every year is approximately 110 000 – 115 000 children born in Sweden. Right after their arrival to earth, their parents put them involuntary in two different compartments depending on their genitals. If you are biologically born as a girl,… Continue Reading →

Todays lack of knowledge

Humans have reacted in various ways through history regarding other sexual orientations that differ from heterosexuality. In the ancient Greece homosexuality between men were an expected norm to follow and a privilege to experience. There are also some homosexual devotion… Continue Reading →

Defined by our gender?

Society today is influenced by norms in all forms, especially in workplaces. It is very clear which jobs are considered as ”female jobs” and ”male jobs”. Together with three others, I interviewed staff in different stores in a shopping center… Continue Reading →

Powerful, for a woman

We live in a society where dominance, strength and money are seen as the main characteristics for someone with power. At least these are the words most commonly used to describe power in a study that me and a group… Continue Reading →

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