So, what do we students do in our rare sparetime? Yes, we try to have fun!

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Why I love white horses

Kornati national park, an archipelago of 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs is a so called ‘nautical paradise’ located in the central Croatian coast. With its beautiful natural and cultural heritage, 2700 hours of sunshine per year and astonishing flora… Continue Reading →

Fight with windmills

No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s one fight you will always lose. At least that’s how the things work here in Croatia, of course. I have a feeling that the endless struggle is this thing called equality…. Continue Reading →

Canon lockt beim FM4 Frequency Festival mit Fotoabenteuer und zeigt die schönsten Sommergeschichten aus Österreich

WIEN, 22. August 2017 – Auf coolen Service setzte Canon Austria beim FM4 Frequency Festival vom 15. bis 17. August in St. Pölten: Open-Air-Fans hatten dabei die Möglichkeit, mit gratis Leihgeräten von Canon ihre persönlichen Festival-Geschichten festzuhalten. Einfach auf zur roten Canon… Continue Reading →

When will the lions close their mouth?

On our lovely journey to Budapest in May, the four classes of the Vladimir Prelog science school had the opportunity to discover the beautiful city Budapest. We already came there with our knowledge from the geography class; it is the… Continue Reading →

10 reasons why I fell in love with Prague

Amazingly preserved buildings While walking through the city center, and even when you get further away from it, it’s hard to see any building with ruined facade or any uncared-for buildings anyway. When city is full of stunning buildings, you… Continue Reading →

Superhero roots

Yeah, you’ve probably heard this one before : a lonely  scientist (being ignored by everyone, of course), working deep down underground in his/her lab, sufers an unfortunate accident and is doused in some radioactive chemicals or gamma rays or something…. Continue Reading →

Happiness is blowing bubbles

Global Bubble Parade is an event of the people, for the people, where each local parade is organized by passionate volunteers or partner organizations who share the mission of the event. So second year in a row we at Azbuki… Continue Reading →

My Uniting Future adventure in Austria

Day 1: The journey started very early, with all four of us getting up around 3:30am. SarahJane’s Dad picked me up around 4:30 and we all travelled sleepily together to Dublin Airport. Nervous excitement was among the group as we… Continue Reading →

UFO meeting in Zagreb

My name is Tia Jernej. I come from Slovenia, Maribor. I attended the second UFO project meeting and I got to spend a whole week in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m going to take you trough the week from my point of… Continue Reading →

Trip to Zagreb

Many students from our school seek adventure in their daily lives. Well, at least four of us got it in the last few days when we were lucky enough to be able to pack our suitcases and be absent from… Continue Reading →

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