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Uniting Future


Uniting Future

How much is my money worth? How much pension will I get in future?
Students often deal with these kinds of question. Our economy is important for all of us.

Follow these links for subdivision: economics | money/prices | practical training | profession/job | ecology

My national culture is the best

Slovakia. Many people don´ t know a lot about us. However, for me, Slovakia is my home. The culture in Slovakia is the result of various traditions and because of its position in Central Europe, it´s also influenced by Austrian,… Continue Reading →

The work of a Journalist

Interview with Hans Hermann on why he became a journalist for The Kurier Newspaper Sophie: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, we’re just going to ask you a few questions. So what made you want to become a journalist?… Continue Reading →

Keep that in mind

How many plastic bottles do you use per week? Two, five? How many plastic bags? Five, six? Maybe none. Or maybe even more. You might be asking why all these questions. Let me tell you why. If you use two… Continue Reading →

Your interests or the society’s?

In today’s society different genders have different roles. Together with three other students I conducted a study where we went to a shopping center to observe the gender balance in different types of stores. The result showed that overall it… Continue Reading →

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