Nowadays technology, engineering and mechanics is a huge part of our world. It’s used in our social life, as well as in companies. We deal with the newest releases of technical products and gadgets.

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Photo Workshop (AUT)

  What are the two most important things about journalism? Right, writing articles and take photos. We, the team from ufo in Ybbs had the privilege to learn how to take good photos from the photographer Franz Weingartner. Franz Weingartner… Continue Reading →


Cyberbullying is one of the most common forms of new generation violence. Malpractice over the internet and mobile phones has taken on a worrying scale over the last few years. The police every year receives more and more anonymous internet… Continue Reading →

Media literacy and development of  critical thinking skills are an important topic of our present. There is a general opinion that youger population has not been well informed about current situation in their own country or the world in general… Continue Reading →

The non-verbal expression of emotions in communication (CRO)

Emotions are an integral part of our everyday life. We show our feelings through them. We find them in everything we do and in communication. Showing emotions can be verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal communication is defined as the way people… Continue Reading →

Gender differences in social media (SWE)

Everyone reads the newspaper or a magazine once in awhile, but have you ever thought about the gender differences which are consciously made in the photos, shown in the papers? Probably not. Well, we also did not until this week. We have had… Continue Reading →

Cultural Differences between Austria and Sweden (SWE)

Once you have been to Sweden you will definitely notice the cultural differences between Sweden and your country. We, four students from Austria, summarized the differences between Sweden and our country and now we want to tell you them. Let’s… Continue Reading →

Canon lockt beim FM4 Frequency Festival mit Fotoabenteuer und zeigt die schönsten Sommergeschichten aus Österreich

WIEN, 22. August 2017 – Auf coolen Service setzte Canon Austria beim FM4 Frequency Festival vom 15. bis 17. August in St. Pölten: Open-Air-Fans hatten dabei die Möglichkeit, mit gratis Leihgeräten von Canon ihre persönlichen Festival-Geschichten festzuhalten. Einfach auf zur roten Canon… Continue Reading →

Let’s stop technical developement and go back to nature

What if we suddenly lose all the electricity? What will happen when we run out of oil, gas and cole? Will we die? Or will we try to go back to the past? Nowadays, we still have enough fosil fuels,… Continue Reading →


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