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You are a student and politics doesn’t affect you? Of course it does! Our
plans for better lives shape our and our children’s future.

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The impact of your watermelon logo t-shirt. (Part I. of the impact of fast fashion industry)

by Gregor Kokal   2018 is slowly coming to an end. If we compare it to 2001 or 2008 it wasn’t such a bad year in the new millennium. Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang brought hope for an end of tensions with… Continue Reading →

A better life

A better life   Today, 18 april 2018, we visited our ISK (International Link Classes) building. ISK is a school where immigrants go to, to learn Dutch and the Dutch culture. It is a small part of the Valuascollege, our… Continue Reading →

Where to put it? (SWE)

When you come to other countries, you begin to notice the differences between your beloved state and your new temporary or permanent home. So did we. Born and raised in Croatia, we came to Sweden and saw things that are… Continue Reading →

Disabled for a day

What is it like to be handicapped? It is of course a big change for non-disabled people, but just how big is the difference? As an investigation we, four guys from Fridagymnasiet in Vänersborg, decided to try it out. We… Continue Reading →

Disability in our municipality

“My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn’t accessible.” The person who said this is called Stella Young and she was, among other things, a disability activist. This quote describes the problem in… Continue Reading →

A society for everyone

When planning a trip into town I don’t think about if I can get around in stores and on the streets. But this is actually something that many people have to do because of their disabilities. There is a law… Continue Reading →

An accessible society for everyone?

A functional impairment can have consequences on an individual’s life. Most of the time when one hear disability one think about the visible disabilities, the physical disabilities. However, there are multiple disabilities not noticeable for the naked eye. Neuropsychiatric is… Continue Reading →


The term ‘disability’ means that an individual has one or more impaired abilities that impair the physical, neuropsychological or intellectual functions. This ability may be impaired in different degrees and therefore affect the lives of individuals very differently. A disability… Continue Reading →

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