A better life

A better life   Today, 18 april 2018, we visited our ISK (International Link Classes) building. ISK is a school where immigrants go to, to learn Dutch and the Dutch culture. It is a small part of the Valuascollege, our… Continue Reading →

One for All – All for One

Have you ever thought about how you can just go to school without being judged for who you are and where you come from? How lucky you are that you are you and not anyone else? You may take this… Continue Reading →

Mixing cultures- An interview and opinion

As a newer and more culturally diverse time begins to dawn on Ireland and the world, the advent of mixed lineage families is becoming a more common occurrence in our communities. As a born and bred Irish citizen, I am… Continue Reading →

The ever-changing attitudes of the Irish people and how we can change it-An observation

Ireland has always been known as the country of ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ with its rolling green hills and receptive population. However, I must challenge how genuine this image still is. According to recent surveys and censuses, the Irish public… Continue Reading →


„The possibilities of studying abroad is not well-presented and people generally believe that it’s all too expensive and unavailable.“ Sara Mandić gaduated in 2014 in Vladimir Prelog Science School after that she enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry… Continue Reading →

Is There Place for People Who Run?

Since the beginning of the War in Syria in 2011, many have fled the country and settled in Syria’s neighbouring countries, including Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt. Currently, there are 4 million Syrian refugees registered in the region. By… Continue Reading →

Sigi – The Crazy Guy with Purple Hair

Colorful hair, many talents, school switcher and a colorful mind – this is Sigi. An Austrian student who is quite special. He gave an interview to the UFO Project group: Interviewer: The first thing people notice about you is your… Continue Reading →

Interview with Hans Müller

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Mr Hans Muller is a German teacher and cofounder of Cafe Miteinander. Q1. I heard you’re involved in integrational issues here in Ybbs – can you tell us a bit about how your involved and… Continue Reading →

Laura Malle

The interview with Laura Malle was taken on Monday, 6th March, after we had got the task from Petra Stuiber, who is a journalist from “Der Standard”. We were told to think of interesting questions to ask Laura, who we… Continue Reading →

Pakistani Girl Finds Home in Austria

The group “Youth and Politics” prepared an interview with Rabia Naseer. She is a sixteen-year-old Austrian girl who moved from Pakistan to Austria when she was three years old. She is passionate about photography and philosophy. These are her favorite… Continue Reading →

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