Mixing cultures- An interview and opinion

As a newer and more culturally diverse time begins to dawn on Ireland and the world, the advent of mixed lineage families is becoming a more common occurrence in our communities. As a born and bred Irish citizen, I am… Continue Reading →

Toy stores impact on kids and their childhood

Every year is approximately 110 000 – 115 000 children born in Sweden. Right after their arrival to earth, their parents put them involuntary in two different compartments depending on their genitals. If you are biologically born as a girl,… Continue Reading →

Todays lack of knowledge

Humans have reacted in various ways through history regarding other sexual orientations that differ from heterosexuality. In the ancient Greece homosexuality between men were an expected norm to follow and a privilege to experience. There are also some homosexual devotion… Continue Reading →

Defined by our gender?

Society today is influenced by norms in all forms, especially in workplaces. It is very clear which jobs are considered as ”female jobs” and ”male jobs”. Together with three others, I interviewed staff in different stores in a shopping center… Continue Reading →

Powerful, for a woman

We live in a society where dominance, strength and money are seen as the main characteristics for someone with power. At least these are the words most commonly used to describe power in a study that me and a group… Continue Reading →

A society ruled by norms?

Since ancient times, norms have been a major part of our society. They can be quite obvious, but especially in work places all over the world. Me and three others therefore did several observations regarding how many of the respective… Continue Reading →

Sexual orientation – How much do people know?

In the last decades, a lot of things have changed regarding the way people view sexual orientation. Today most people claim to have accepted loads of other orientations as well, such as homosexuality and bisexuality. Still there are plenty of… Continue Reading →

Keep calm and work for equality

In our society there are norms that affect us, and our choices of work. Because of this it is easy to see which of them that are embossed of women and men. Together with three other students various methods were… Continue Reading →

The truth about sexualities

Do you feel educated about different sexualities? So did people answering our survey, but we found out that they actually weren’t as much as they might have thought. We sent out questions to the students and got answers back from… Continue Reading →

Division of girls and boys clothes – a threat to gender equality

For as long as I can remember boys in blue shirts and girls in pink dresses has been the norm. That in itself is not a problem, but the different ways children get treated because of what they wear is…. Continue Reading →

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