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The impact of your watermelon logo t-shirt. (Part I. of the impact of fast fashion industry)

by Gregor Kokal   2018 is slowly coming to an end. If we compare it to 2001 or 2008 it wasn’t such a bad year in the new millennium. Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang brought hope for an end of tensions with… Continue Reading →

Where to put it? (SWE)

When you come to other countries, you begin to notice the differences between your beloved state and your new temporary or permanent home. So did we. Born and raised in Croatia, we came to Sweden and saw things that are… Continue Reading →

What is this? Dutch? – Ireland and our struggle with foreign languages

Irish people love to talk, this is a well-known fact. So well-known that we have our own saying ‘the gift of the gab’ meaning the gift of never shutting up. For a country that loves to have a chat and… Continue Reading →


„The possibilities of studying abroad is not well-presented and people generally believe that it’s all too expensive and unavailable.“ Sara Mandić gaduated in 2014 in Vladimir Prelog Science School after that she enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry… Continue Reading →

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