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You are a student and politics doesn’t affect you? Of course it does! Our
plans for better lives shape our and our children’s future.

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Wheelchair-bounds in Vänersborg

We have made an investigation regarding the situation for wheelchair-bounds in the small town Vänersborg, Sweden. Life for disabled persons can be hard, especially in towns with old not so well-adapted buildings, like this one. Our investigation gave a mixed… Continue Reading →

One for All – All for One

Have you ever thought about how you can just go to school without being judged for who you are and where you come from? How lucky you are that you are you and not anyone else? You may take this… Continue Reading →

Age discrimination at job interviews

According to the law, age is defined as his or her physically achieved lifetime. Age discrimination is a major problem in today’s society. Roughly 8 percent of the swedish population have sometime been discriminated because of their age at a… Continue Reading →

Age discrimination at job interviews

It’s unfortunately too often that people who’s looking for a job gets discriminated because of their age in today’s society. At discrimination mediator there is a law saying that it’s illegal to discriminate someone because of the person’s age. 8… Continue Reading →

Today’s discrimination takes lives

Discrimination is something that not only affects young people, it is something that strikes very hard on older people. We know that this is something that exists in our society, but something that we have far too little knowledge about…. Continue Reading →


Comic by Nicol Elesova

What is this? Dutch? – Ireland and our struggle with foreign languages

Irish people love to talk, this is a well-known fact. So well-known that we have our own saying ‘the gift of the gab’ meaning the gift of never shutting up. For a country that loves to have a chat and… Continue Reading →

Mixing cultures- An interview and opinion

As a newer and more culturally diverse time begins to dawn on Ireland and the world, the advent of mixed lineage families is becoming a more common occurrence in our communities. As a born and bred Irish citizen, I am… Continue Reading →

The ever-changing attitudes of the Irish people and how we can change it-An observation

Ireland has always been known as the country of ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ with its rolling green hills and receptive population. However, I must challenge how genuine this image still is. According to recent surveys and censuses, the Irish public… Continue Reading →

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