Once you have been to Sweden you will definitely notice the cultural differences between Sweden and your country. We, four students from Austria, summarized the differences between Sweden and our country and now we want to tell you them. Let’s start!

Food and Alcohol

When you are in Sweden you will notice that they are obsessed with “Fika”. Fika is drinking coffee or tea and eating sweets at any time of the day. Maybe you can compare it with the Austrian “Kaffeekränzchen” (coffee break).

Drinking alcohol in Sweden is way stricter than in Austria. In some parts of Austria, you are allowed to drink every kind of alcohol at the age of 16, also you can you can go to pubs or discos. In contrast to Sweden, where you have to be 18 to drink alcohol and 20 to buy alcohol.


One of the most obvious differences between Austria and Sweden is the currency. Unlike most of the EU- members, Sweden has the Swedish kronor. Another thing which was unfamiliar for us, is that most inhabitants just pay with cash cards.


The school system is way more advanced than in our home country. For example, they don’t have to pay for school, they get paid for going to school. They also get free lunch and laptops provided by the state. This country sets a high value on selfdependence and teamwork. Most of these things are not like this in Austria, but we would appreciate if it was like this.


To be honest, we think that the Austrians are more attentive than the Swedes. Things like “Bless you” are a bit underrated. On the other hand, we have to say that they are more open- minded and tolerant. You can always communicate with them and talk about every topic. When you compare the teenagers in both countries than you see that the Swedish are not as rebellious as the ones in Austria.

Bianca Steppan, Jasmin and Julia Schagerl, Tobias Weigl