Being among the most intensely analysed rivers worldwide, tests in the Danube showed surprising results. The analysis of our own samples from the Danube along the National Park did not show any striking contamination or irregularities; however, the professional testing by “Joint Danube Survey” showed surprising details!

As expected, (micro-) plastics is very present, it is estimated that 40 tons of plastics from industry, sewage treatment plants or from simple garbage is carried away by the Danube every year (just think of the cigarette tips we discovered in the sewage plant in Ybbs). Microplastics (i.e. particles below 5 millimeters) is caused by car tires, cosmetics and also – believe it or not – clothing.

Human excrements are responsible for (resistant) germs and traces of antiobiotics in the Danube.

Even more surprising, a concentration of illegal drugs and medication was found in the water. No wonder, in Germany alone 100 tons of pain killers find their way through the human body into the toilets and finally into water…

As a consequence of all this, fish and other animals die or get replaced by new, less vulnerable species. The effects of hormones in water are hard to tell, but traces from birth control pills will definitely not be helpful for healthy animal growth.
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