What is it like to be handicapped? It is of course a big change for non-disabled people, but just how big is the difference? As an investigation we, four guys from Fridagymnasiet in Vänersborg, decided to try it out. We borrowed a wheelchair and visited several of Vänersborg’s public places with the purpose of seeing how well handicap adapted they are.

We decided to investigate public places such as transportation, public stores and schools. In short, all these places were very well adapted. The busses were very easy to get on and off and there was more than enough space on board. Both the clothes- and foodstores were big and there was basically no problems getting around. Although we did experience some struggles with reaching for goods on the highest shelves. In the school we investigated it was, like the stores quite easy to roll around although we did experience some struggles with several thresholds. but other than that, no problems at all.

Beyond the stores we visited, we also wandered some of the streets of Vänersborg. In this part of the city we experienced the same kindness as in the stores, schools and busses. The city was well adapted and we had no troubles getting where we wanted. Although we did not roll around in the whole town so it is possible that our result does not speak for the rest of the city. However since Vänersborg is a small town it is likely that the city is well adapted everywhere.

To conclude I would say that Vänersborg is a very kind city for those who are wheelchair-bound. Everyone were very helpful and the transportation was very efficient. However we did experience a few problems in some of the places we visited. But in general, thumbs up Vänersborg.

Carl Lunneryd