Back in October of 2012., alongside with three other lucky pupils of Vladimir Prelog science school, I went to Zdunska Wola to participate on Eurobike project meeting in Poland. We were accompanied by PE teacher Vedrana Vukmir (project coordinator at school in Zagreb) and Croatian language teacher Zdenka Burda.

Eurobike was Comenius project focusing on ecology/the environment and a sustainable society. It’s focus was on promoting cycling and greener lifestyle. Our school joined the project alongside schools from Poland, Austria, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia and Slovenia (silent partner). Therefore, this was an excellent opportunity not only for activating in the creation of better future, but also to meet EU – both countries and people. Those four days were very, educational, adventurous, and fun. But, looking at it back in retrospective, there was one, for me, more important segment to it. You see, right at the beginning of our journey, our teachers  said one of us, the pupils, need to write a report about our Eurobike experience for Labos, our school newspaper. Nobody was really up for it. Then one night, I started randomly writing down notes about Warsaw and Zdunska Wola. Upon returning to Zagreb I had enough materials to write my very first article. From that day on I fall in love with journalism. Today, I am studying journalism at Faculty of political science in Zagreb and I’ve also write/wrote for various student and non-profit media. Few weeks ago, I ran into teacher Vukmir while I was returning from internship in Jutarnji list, one of Croatia’s national newspaper. I thanked her for involving me in Eurobike which defined my life path. Luckily, Eurobike was just one of many more EU-schools projects that offer you to cooperate with people from Europe in education and achieving positive changes the best way you know (or you might surprisingly find out what you are good at in the process). I advise everyone to participate in Erasmus because it’s a great opportunity for both having good time and finding yourself.

Ivor Kruljac, ex- student of Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb