They took everything. My much needed money, my phone and nearly my chance to get away from the war. I was already miles away from my family and home and now I’m in the forests of Bulgaria confronted with the police for the second time. Another 10 days in a prison cell. The 10 days before were already bad enough, I can’t bear it another time but I will try to find my way into the north again.

I am a 20 year old young man who was born near the border to Turkey in Syria where I went by foot to get with the bus to Istanbul. It took a lot of money but I stayed there for a while. After a few months I had to move on. On my way to Bulgaria I had to cross the border lying hours and hours in a coffin hoping not to get caught again.

My brother Juan was already in Austria in a refugee camp in Traiskirchen. The conditions there were rough but I wanted to get to him anyways. The life in a country without war seemed much more promising than in Syria.

After almost three months I reached the border to another life. I got in touch with my brother who was already living in Ybbs at this time. It had been arranged that I could join him later and I could finally start over a new life.

At the moment I’m taking part in German lessons in a commercial school in Ybbs. I’ve found friends here and from day to day I am able to improve my German skills. I do miss my family and friends back home but I’m willing to start a new life here in Austria.