No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s one fight you will always lose. At least that’s how the things work here in Croatia, of course.

I have a feeling that the endless struggle is this thing called equality.

You finally start believing that we’re all the same – just a random passer-by and the president. Shouldn’t they stand the same chances in front of the law?

But many of us have the feeling that the only important thing is how big your bank account is.

When you have that kind of feeling, you start questioning the whole concept of legal state and system of democracy. Do we live by those doctrines? Or are they only existing on some long-forgotten piece of paper?

Actually, what made me think about this is this episode that happened on a ferry few days ago.

Of course, the number of cars that want to get on the ferry is huge, and you have to be ready to spend a significant amount of time wanting in the line. The worst part is, actually, the uncertainness you’ll have to face if you’re around the end of the line.

Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that those last few cars won’t get loaded because there’s simply no space left. And yes, the next ferry takes off in more than three hours.

I was sitting on a yellow chair at the deck of the ferry, watching those last cars getting on it with all excitement the journey ahead brings.

There was place for only two more cars, and they were getting ready. And in a blink of an eye, a big white BMW of domestic license plates appeared, allowed to pass-by those two who were standing in a line for an hour.

Completely fierce by that act, driver of the first car (I have to mention that the licenses weren’t Croatian) stepped out of his car and in the last moment stood in front of the BMW and started to argue.

All of us who were watching this scene started cheering as a sign of support for the driver. I guess that ferry workers, under all that pressure, sent BMW to wait for the next ride.

Two cars loaded and the boat’s loading end closed. It was a beautiful and peaceful ride.

Who knows what would happened if that man didn’t step out of the car. For a minute, he was a hero of all of us, representing our fight against that great mindset people apparently won’t get rid of for a long time.

Driving that car with all that arrogance that screams their status symbol out loud, what did they think they were? I’m sure that equal wasn’t on their mind.

So, maybe this man won a fight against the impolite driver and narrow-minded workers, but I wonder when will we reach the point when there will be no need for it? When will we start to function as a humble society that respects values other than money?

Marta Paladin, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia