We often get curious when people mention immigrants and suddenly prejudices pop into our head. Some of us don’t really know the story behind those people. We got a chance to meet them and see how their education looks like.

Our hosts go to Valuascollege. It’s a complex of three buildings. One of those buildings is ISK but a lot of students who don’t go to school for immigrants haven’t been there and didn’t get the opportunity to talk to them.

Children came here because of different reasons and from different countries from all around the world but they all meet there in the same classes. But imagine yourself as a child coming to a country where you can not understand what people around you are saying and you don’t know anyone.

Those youths are in that exact situation. Either running from a war, trying to save their lives, or searching for better a life, moving here because of their parents’ divorce or finding a job. Leaving your whole life behind, your friends, family…everything you had as a child. Entering a totally new world by yourself, with few family members or with strangers aside.

As long as you have a drive which gives you will within yourself for not giving up. You can see this flame of hope and excitement in youths eyes. That sparkle which keeps them going.

Talking to people whos’ background is  unimaginable for us is definitely an experience you don’t quickly forget. When getting to know them, you realize they are “normal” youth just as we are. Maybe it sounds weird reading this now, but by mentioning immigrants, we can quickly get judgemental. It really opens your mind when you get to know their point of view. Hearing the stories which make you stop and think.

We asked them what are their plans after they finish school. They are dreaming about becoming doctors, working in health care, becoming businessmen and even an actors. We believe that someone day we’ll be watching a movie and say: “Oh we have met this guy in Netherlands. Look, his dreams became true”

Language is really an important thing if you go to another country and live there. They are doing a really good work with teaching them Dutch. We got a chance to go in the class with them and see with our own eyes how it looks like. It’s not easy but with help it is not impossible.

The sentence they used a lot and made an impression on us is: “Everything is possible.” That’s exactly what they are doing. They let them dream and help them make their dreams come true.


Patricija Cverlin and Satja Sajko