Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Mr Hans Muller is a German teacher and cofounder of Cafe Miteinander.

Q1. I heard you’re involved in integrational issues here in Ybbs – can you tell us a bit about how your involved and what you do?

A1. First of all, I was involved with my very own immigration here to Ybbs. Actually, I was born in Carinthia down south then moved to Vienna to study and then to Ybbs in later years.

Q2. So since you’ve lived in 3 different cities in Austria and have seen a lot so can you tell us which city you liked the most and why?

A2. It depends on me but also on the town, things are always changing, sometimes I feel like I need to live like I did in Carinthia. I like to be able to see the mountains, it reminds me that I need to climb the mountains in order to broaden my horizons and I also enjoy being around open minded people, so that’s really important for me, too.

Q3: You have been travelling through Austria a lot – so according to your experience can you tell us what makes Austria different from other countries?

A3: I actually think Austria isn´t that different from other countries, I see myself more as a European, to be Austrian is not important to me. When I go abroad I have different views of Austria, I feel more Austrian. My sister, for example, lives in Sweden and she is more Austrian than me.

Q4: So you are a teacher, when and where did you start teaching, was it in Ybbs or anywhere else?

A4: I started in Mödling long ago. Actually I am approaching 40 years of teaching, it´s quite a long time.  You get used to the rhythm of the school year, so I don´t know what it will like be when I retire.

 Q5: Are you directly involved in the Cafe Miteinander?

Yes, we founded the association here and I was the first president. But it is an official association, a private one, and a humanitarian association, too, with the aim to listen to and to help asylum seekers here in Ybbs.
Refugees come here, then they go to police to get registered and then they get help from the state of Austria – some food, pocket money.

Q6: Can you tell us what specifically happens in the Cafe?

This is a Cafe for asylum seekers and for those who have the right to stay in Austria. Everyone can go there, nowadays mostly people with an immigration background have a coffee there to communicate. The cafe is a private association.