Alois Schroll is the mayor of Ybbs, he has already done a lot of things for the community of Ybbs and he also has lots of plans for the future.

How did you become mayor?

My father was already active in the town council, that’s why I’ve always been interested in politics. I’ve already been active in the local councillor before I became the mayor of Ybbs in 2015.

How do you feel as a mayor?

I feel honored and grateful about my task as a mayor and  I often think about my predecessors and how they mastered hard times. Besides, I’m very grateful that I have a chance to participate in the decision making, because I never expected that I would get this opportunity.

What was your biggest challenge as a mayor?

My biggest challenge was about two years ago, when I had to sign a document, which was about a mentally disabled person who was about to be hospitalized. It was necessary, although it still haunts me till today.

What are your plans for the future?

The ambitions of the city Ybbs are split into three parts: short-term, mid-term (till 2020) and long-term (till 2035). I’m very proud that we have reached a lot of targets, for example the city of Ybbs is about 100.000€ above our budget target. Although there are many targets, like Youth, Sports, Education and the social area, that should be enhanced.

What do you think about digitalisation?

Digitalisation is already a part of our everyday life and that’s why it’s such a big topic in our town.We are working with an electricity company and that’s why we  already have fibre optic cables in the whole town. The higwaterprotection is a good example for a project that wouldn’t have worked without digitalisation.

What is the difference between the city of Ybbs and other cities around?

First of all Ybbs is the biggest city in the district of Melk. Furthermore is Ybbs the only city in the district that has a sparetime center and Ybbs is the only city in Austria with a local road network. We also have a good geographic placement and a very effective school centre.

Which projects are planned for the young population?

Since I’ve been Mayor I’ve already made a few projects for the young people in Ybbs. It all started when I made the year 2015 to the year of education and youth. A new music centre was created, a new skate park many more things were built. Although we haven’t reached our target now because youth and sports are very important for me.

How do you feel about the asylum seekers?

1,5% to 1,7% living surface were planned to be for asylum seekers but in peak times we had about 2,2%.The refugees settled in pretty well and the behaved good, they also cared about the city, for example the cemetery is really clean now. I must also praise the residents for being so nice to the refugees. All in all I think that our city is a good example for immigration.

How is the development of the Old Town going?

The main problem is that a lot of companies settled at the edge of the town and we can’t change the Old Town. However, we could build shops where regional goods are sold, that may revive the Old Town. This worked in a town in hungary and I think that a city like Ybbs could do the same.