Without any light through the Danube’s lowland forest. It was a special challenge for the students of the school center SZ-YBBS, which took part in the optional school subject named MIP (Management internationaler Projekte) and the new Erasmus+ project EU’R’AQUATIC.

Three days full of excitement and joy were spent by the students of the school center SZ-YBBS and their teachers Michael Pölzl and Hans Müller with a lot of outdoor activities like riding the mountain bike through the forest, taking water samples and then examining them in the laboratory. This all would have not been possible without the Ms. Ulrike Bauer’s leading role in the laboratory.

In the beginning our National Park Ranger introduced us to the sensitive eco-system of the forest. After some break, they did an extraordinary „Night walk“ in the forest, many students‘ opinion about the walk was that it was really terrifying. In the end there was a 3 hour boat ride on the Danube and we learned about lives of beavers.

Packed in sleeping bags and warmed up by the campfire, the cold nights were bearable.

Alexandru Rijnoveanu