In summer it is very hard to sleep; under the blanket it is too warm, but without them we are vulnerable to monsters.  Last night I manage to fall asleep, but still I woke up earlier than I needed – earlier than anybody needs.

The sun still didn’t rise when I heard monster that lives in my room. She was right above my head and I could hear her very clearly: “Zzzz…”. Yes, that is an onomatopoeia of dream but I assure you – it is impossible to close your eyes and ears and get back to your beautiful dream because you know that she is here seeking for your blood. I felt itch on my left shoulder and wondered how could she get me there. I still heard her sound. It wasn’t enough and she will find more. I ran into the bathroom and washed my face. I realised that it wasn’t a dream; my right eye was red like I was high and the red dot appeared on my shoulder, I almost scratch it to the blood. When I had to return to my room, I did it like ninja – fast swiped the blanket and throw myself on the couch. I hoped she wouldn’t notice – but she did. She came closer and I almost could hear flapping her tiny wings, along with her whispering. It was so annoying that I ran once again in my bathroom, but this time, with my blanket. I tried to sleep there but the radiator tubes were very uncomfortable. “I can’t let that monster to take over my room!” I thought angrily, but I knew that it is impossible to defeat her. I once again came back, slowly lay down on the lower part of my bed, covered myself and trying not to breathe so I don’t choke myself or faint because of lack of oxygen.

I don’t remember when I fell asleep, just that my parents woke me up and I seemed only sleepy, my right eye was still red. Only then I remembered that my sister was in that same room the whole night. Luckily, she is more brave than I am so she will try to kill her. I gave her ultimatum: me or that little monster! Maybe it is cruelly from my side, but that female mosquito sucked my blood and my nerves all night.

Miljana Stojčić, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia