The interview with Laura Malle was taken on Monday, 6th March, after we had got the task from Petra Stuiber, who is a journalist from “Der Standard”. We were told to think of interesting questions to ask Laura, who we did not know very well. Although it was difficult at the start, the interview turned to be quite informative and fun. All of the interviewees had a migrant background and we tried to incorporate that.

Hi Laura, nice to have you here. Now, I heard you like to travel a lot and you traveled many times in your past. I would like to ask you: what is the one thing you would not go on a holiday without?

A: The one thing I could not be without, would be a camera or a phone to take pictures with. I think with pictures, you can capture sceneries the best.


So you like to take pictures, what is your favorite picture? Do you have a favorite city?

A: One of the most beautiful cities was Barcelona which I visited a few years ago, but my favorite picture is one of the „Sagrada Familia“.


„We heard your mum is from Hungary and we want to ask you: have you ever been in Hungary?“

A: Yes, for sure. We used to drive to my grandparents three times a year, but it got difficult to find time because I am in school and my parents work. But we try to visit them at least two times a year.


Do you feel at home when you are in Hungary or do you prefer Austria?

A: I prefer Austria because the living standards are just higher here. I love visiting them and talking to them, but I don’t feel, like, at home.


Why did your Mum move to Austria?

A: She finished school in Hungary, like we do with the „MATURA“ (final exam), but  she didn’t want to attend college there. Her friend’s father was in Austria often, so she decided to move to that country and try her best. While she was there, she got to know my father. After two years they got married and they decided to stay in Austria.


Since your Mum is from Hungary but you were born here, what language do you prefer speaking at home?

A: We talk in German because my mother has been here for over 20 years, but we usually speak Hungarian just to learn the language better and to be able to talk with my grandparents. Sometimes I prefer Hungarian because I think it’s a beautiful language, but hard to learn.