What if we suddenly lose all the electricity? What will happen when we run out of oil, gas and cole? Will we die? Or will we try to go back to the past?

Nowadays, we still have enough fosil fuels, but if we don’t save any, future generations won’t have enough of it to live like we do. That means we have to use it less, sparingly and don’t waste it. The key to do so is spending more time in nature.

At first, we should travel less by cars and more by bus, use our bicykles or walk. It’s healthy and we save the enviroment, too, because we don’t pollute the atmosphere so much.

In the past people were riding horses and there wasn’t any pollution. It is also healthier – you breathe fresh air, exercise and you don’t destroy your sight with looking at your phone, laptop or whatever else on electronic basis with a monitor. If you can’t be without your electronics, you can at least take beautiful pics of animals or plants that mother nature gave us.

by Hana Frindtova & Eva Lujza Prochocka