My family never travelled anywhere farther than Croatia or Austria, because they don’t really care about experiencing new adventures, worlds and cultures, but I do. I’ve always wanted to travel, but never really got the chance until now. I’ve been talking to my mom about going somewhere since I was twelve, but I had no one to go with and I couldn’t go on my own. This year, things were different.

My mom’s cousin, who lives in Germany, Frankfurt, came to visit Slovenia. We invited him to our house, since my mom hasn’t seen him for the last five years, but was only in contact with him online.  During his visit, my parents started talking about how much I love to travel and he offered that I could come to Frankfurt, to meet his family and stay at their house. Since I was old enough and wouldn’t be there all alone, my parents agreed and I immediately started planning my trip and looking at plane tickets. In just over a month, I was flying to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt airport is the biggest airport in Europe. Finding my mom’s cousin was a real challenge, which took me almost an hour to complete, but at last I found him. He’s got a really nice family and they were very happy to except me to their home for eight days. They showed me around the city and let me borrow one of their bikes, so I could explore the town on my own when they were at work. We usually had dinner together and went together to the ZOO, visited another city, went swimming or on a hike. They were very fun to spend time with. But most of the time, I went exploring on my own, which I also loved. I went to many different museums, because Frankfurt has a big selection of them and I like to learn new things.

I spent the first day with the family and on the second day I took a bus to the other side of the city to visit two museums. The first one was called Experiminta, where I got to test myself with different riddles and experiments. There were many different exhibitions, showing the visitors effects of light and shadow, energy and environment, wind and weather and much more. My favourite things in the museum were definitely a giant model of a human eye and a model of a small, but real like tornado. The second museum was called Senckenberg. There they have a huge exhibition of dinosaurs, all kinds of animals, minerals and a very educational and impressive exhibition of evolution of plants. I was very surprised to see that they had a room fool of glass jars filled with fetus, organs and dead animals.

On my third day I decided to buy a museum pass for only ten euros, which allowed me to visit 35 different museums and galleries for 48 hours for free.  First, I chose to visit the Städel museum, where they store Goethe’s portrait. They had sections of modern art, which was the biggest and also sections from other art eras. Outside of it there’s what I like to call “the teletubbie world”, with ground artificially raised in little hills. Next, I visited the Caricatura Museum, which had the most fun exhibition of caricatures by Otto Waalkes. In his caricatures, he presents his creation, the Ottifant in famous movies or with celebrities. To wrap up the day I went on top of The Main tower, which is named by the river Main, and the view was breath taking. I was told that Frankfurt is the only city in Europe with a “real, American style” skyline. If it’s not the only, then it’s at least the biggest and the best. I stayed up there for almost an hour and a half, just enjoying the view.

My museum pass was still valid for another day, so I went to visit the Goethe Museum, which is basically his birth house with original furniture in it. It has three floors and had an above-average number of windows, which in Goethe’s times meant that their family had a lot of money. There were many interesting rooms in it, such as the music room, which had an original pyramid piano in it, the library of nearly 2,000 books and the so-called birth room in which all the children were born.  Goethe’s house wasn’t hugely advertised from the outside, so I had a bit of trouble finding it at first. But then I learned to just follow the Chinese tourist and they took me straight to it. In Frankfurt there are Asian tourists everywhere. I decided to go to the Deutsches Film Museum, which turned out to be a fantastic decision, because it is the best museum I have ever been to. On the first floor there was everything about the development of devices that led to the creation of the very first camera and you could test some of the old kaleidoscopes, flipbooks, devices that cause optical illusions and so much more. They even played some of the very first black and white films in a tiny cinema. On the second floor there was everything about the modern film making. From how the sound and the editing brings everything to life, to how the makeup and good acting create wonderful characters and how the lights and proper cameras make everything seem so real. There was a green wall that you could test and you were able to try out your editing skills, along with how the music plays with your emotions. There were even original costumes and props from some much known films, such as an original helmet from Darth Vader or an original figure from The Nightmare before Christmas. The museum even has its own cinema. Maybe it’s just my love for films, but I spent five hours in there, not realising how quickly time flew by. In the evening my mom’s cousin took me to a Jazz concert and a night route through Frankfurt, so I got to see the city at night.

The next day I also went to two museums, one being about the history of Jews in Frankfurt and the other an interactive museum, called Dialog Museum. Everything there was in complete darkness so you couldn’t see anything. A blind person led us through the experience by telling us where to go, where to sit and what to do. Our other senses came to life and we got to imagine, even if just for a little bit, how blind people can see. After the museums the family took me to visit a bank in which they work. It turns out that banks in Germany are a lot bigger deals than the ones we have in Slovenia.

The next day I went to the Frankfurt ZOO and had a big day of shopping. I decided to spend the weekend with the family, so together we went hiking, swimming to the local pool and we also visited Palmen Garten and Wiesbaden, which is a city near Frankfurt. On Monday I already flew back home.

The eight days I spent there went by too fast, but I’m very grateful and happy that I got to experience what I had. I’ll always remember all the nice things I’d seen and everything nice that happened. I definitely want to go there again, along with many other wonderful places. I’ll just have to wait on which adventure life takes me next.