You enjoy „the daily show“ or „Last Week Tonight with John Oliver“, but feel like it doesn´t address European matters? Well that´s because they are simply American; but more important: We have the answer: The „Night Night Union Show“. A late night program about politics, diversity, humour, pop culture and the spirit of a united European Union.

With the innocent words „recording started“ the first video and the dawn of a new late night show was created. Based in Vienna, the „Night Night Union Show“ sets its goals to entertain and inform people all over Europe and beyond. Whether it’s Brexit, national elections or the latest gossip from a fisherman in Riga – the show focuses on diverse topics in about four minute long videos. The writers create scripts on the most exotic stories, which are presented by an Austrian‘s best friend – a Hungarian. Tamas Vamos is the host of the show. With experience in stand up comedy and neglection by women, he treats every politician with utmost disrespect and a lot of humour. Although the show spends a lot of effort entertaining its crowd, information about our (most likely) 27 member states doesn’t fall too short.

Since American media is persistently focused on its ridiculous excuses for a president, wouldn’t it be better to watch a late night show with European focus?

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