Our journey started in the morning of 16th May. We, the UFO team of Ybbs, went to Romania to the festival of Joy. It took us six hours to get there.

In the evening of the first day we went to a Restaurant named Rustic. We had typical Romanian food and met guys who lived there. Afterwards some students from Romania showed us Timisora by night. On the second day we went to the school in Timisora and after that we visited the city again by daylight. During this trip they also told us some facts about the city, for example that the city is called “Little Vienna. On the third day we went to the mountains, where we had the festival of joy. At the first day of the festival we did different things like cycling, pottery or playing darts. On the second day in the mountains we had an competition about was going to play Paint Ball in the afternoon. Sadly, it began to rain in the afternoon and nobody could play Paint ball. In the evening we always met a lot of different people from different countries such as  Serbia, Hungary and of course Romania. On Sunday we had to leave in the morning.

It was a very interesting weekend and we met a lot of new friends.