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My family never travelled anywhere farther than Croatia or Austria, because they don’t really care about experiencing new adventures, worlds and cultures, but I do. I’ve always wanted to travel, but never really got the chance until now. I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Internationale Schakelklas – International School (ISK)

We often get curious when people mention immigrants and suddenly prejudices pop into our head. Some of us don’t really know the story behind those people. We got a chance to meet them and see how their education looks like…. Continue Reading →

UFO Venlo – Part II

UFO Venlo april 2018 – Part 2 On wednesday we went to the ISK (international link class). We first got a presentation about the school system in The Netherlands and what they do. Then we got to interview some of… Continue Reading →

UFO Venlo – Part I

UFO Venlo april 2018 – Part 1 I was really nervous on the first day when they arrived. When they arrived I was kind of relieved because they were very nice and open. That day we had taco evening at… Continue Reading →

The light in the Zonneberg caves

How a cave system can be life support Just like any other country the Netherlands has always tried to make the most of what their country could offer. For the city of Maastricht, the capital of Limburg, the riches were… Continue Reading →

More than a school

Relating a school motto to personal stories Valuascollege, a school that likes to say that it’s more than just a school. This is a motto most students like to mock and point out flaws of the school, but in the… Continue Reading →

Refugees in the Netherlands

Is the Dutch school system to be criticised regarding integrating pupils? After a meeting with students at the Valuas International School (ISK) we realised that there is a lot of difference between the Swedish and the Dutch school system. At… Continue Reading →


THE VISIT TO THE ISK, THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FOR IMMIGRANTS   On the 18th of April we visited the ISK, the International School for Immigrants. At first they introduced the school system in the Netherlands and in this school to… Continue Reading →


JOHN GREEN: LOOKING FOR ALASKA   Looking for Alaska is John Green’s first novel, published in 2005. It has won multiple awards ever since.   CHARACTERS: We meet 3 main characters in the plot of the novel. Miles Halter(Pudge) who… Continue Reading →

A better life

A better life   Today, 18 april 2018, we visited our ISK (International Link Classes) building. ISK is a school where immigrants go to, to learn Dutch and the Dutch culture. It is a small part of the Valuascollege, our… Continue Reading →

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