What are the two most important things about journalism? Right, writing articles and take photos. We, the team from ufo in Ybbs had the privilege to learn how to take good photos from the photographer Franz Weingartner. Franz Weingartner is a photographer from Lower Austria.

At first he told us a few things about the history of photography. He showed us how the first picture and how the first camera looked like. He also told us a bit from the most popular pictures in the history like the one of Albert Einstein when he stuck his tongue out. After this he explained to us what to consider if you want to take a good print. Then we went outside to dispose our new knowledge. We went around Ybbs and took pictures of everything we wanted. We also made a few portraits but it was too cold to stayed out longer and so we went back in quicker than planned. After we went back in we learned a few things about what to respect if you take photos inside. It was also very interesting ‘cause there are a few things that really matter like ISO and some other settings.

At the end of the photo workshop we looked at our photos and searched for things we could do better the next time when we make pictures. It was a really good experience and I learned a lot that day. It gave me a whole new insight in the skill of photography.