After finishing lunch at the restaurant in the middle of the old town of Ybbs, called “Mang” we headed to the oldest water power plant in Austria. The group met at the car park in front of the entrance of the tour.

After getting in touch with the most interesting and adorable guide, Manfred Lang, we started our tour. Firstly, Manfred lead us to the control room. The control room in the hydroelectric power station in Ybbs was last used in 2011, now all control of the station is done in Vienna. Next we compared how the amount of energy used in a household has changed since the 70’s. Afterwards we were guided to a rather small cinema and we were introduced to the history of this station by a movie.

When we finished watching the movie we went downstairs to discuss about how the turbines work, control the water and produce energy. The power station also filters the water of large objects as they have their own machines that remove unwanted litter, especially wood. We could see from the model of the station how ships and boats pass through and we had an overall view of the power plant.

              So at the end of the day, we learned three things about the water power plant in Ybbs. Firstly, it is the most environmentally friendly way of producing electric energy, secondly that it has the role of filtering the Danube of unwanted litter and the third thing is that the power plant helps maintain a constant water level in case of flooding.