Roermond April 2018


We had a very busy programme in the exchange week, but in the afternoon at Tuesday we had some free time. The whole exchange group decided to go to Roermond, a lovely city in the Netherlands near Venlo. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon the train departed to Roermond. We walked through the cities, saw some churches and shopped (probably a bit too much). The time flew by really fast, and we laughed a lot. This afternoon created a real friendship between the Dutch and Swedish people. At 6 o’clock in the evening we had dinner at La place, a restaurant with a various menu. And before we knew it, the time was over and the shops were closing. Then some of us wanted an ice cream and because of that we were too late to catch the train. But that was no problem because we had so much fun and the 30 minutes of waiting also flew by. It was a really great but busy day, some of us even fell asleep in the train in the evening. When we were back in Venlo we all went home and slept like a baby.


Lieke Schobbers

Britt van Rijn