Colorful hair, many talents, school switcher and a colorful mind – this is Sigi. An Austrian student who is quite special.

He gave an interview to the UFO Project group:

Interviewer: The first thing people notice about you is your hair color Why do you change it so often?

Sigi: I think it´s generally just to find out if it looks good on me or if it could look good. I’ve no reason not to, I mean it´s not like anybody cares, so why not? Maybe one day I`ll get a different color.

So do you have a favorite color?

So far, I´ve had my hair purple two times and I think it looks really good. Right now it´s a bit pinkish because the color washed out but I still like it though.

You switched your school type before, why did you decide to do that?

The main reason I decided to change school types was because my last school had a really broad field of subjects. It wasn’t a bad school, we had a lot of focus on biology and science but we also had a lot of unrelated subjects, so you could say it didn’t have a specific key area. You couldn´t work right after graduation because you wouldn´t have the required education and you would have to go to college in order to get a job.

Now that I’m here, I can work right after graduating, but I can also continue my education and go to college because the technical school in Ybbs has the before-mentioned core area.

What about your hobbies? Do you have anything you like to do for fun?

Well, like everybody nowadays, I like playing computer games but I also like bike-riding. I play two instruments, I´ve been playing the Cello for 12 years now and the guitar for 8 years which I go to different bands and orchestra practices with. I like snowboarding in the winter, but of course the season is over now so I can´t go anymore.

You are a really specific type of a person; how do you think people would describe you?

I think people would say I´m sort of a crazy, wacky guy. I mean, I do have purple hair and that is not something you expect of somebody. That is why people would describe me as that one weird guy with different hair color every time who nobody quite understands.

What do you think is the most special thing about you?

I´m open for everything so for example somebody asked me “Hey, do you want to do an interview for a project?” and I was like “Sure” so I just walked in twenty minutes ago and I had no idea what I´m doing and now I´m doing an interview.

Your English is really good and I guess a part of it is because your parents talk in English at home, why is that?

My mother is from America and she moved here twenty years ago so English is just our family language.

Can I ask why your mom left America?
My mother is from America and she moved here twenty years ago so English is just our family language.

She was studying German there and she had planned to move to Germany with her fiancé, but she caught him cheating with another girl so she decided she wasn´t going to Germany and she was going to Austria instead. A few years later, she met my dad here and a few years after that, I was born.