School Centre Ybbs on the Danube (SZ Ybbs, in Austria is a secondary vocational school focusing on economics and media technology. ICT has been applied for many years, in at least on third of our classes each student is equipped with laptops; we make use of digital register, school platforms and 5 computer labs.  Many teachers are experienced in e-learning, programming and the use of educational software. International project management is part of our curriculum and has enabled us  to be coordinator of three Comenius projects  and other youth projects with partner schools from all over Europe. Lately we have also been concentrating on individualized learning and cooperative open learning, being coordinator for COOL for our province.  We have always promoted the use of electronic media, however, we have felt the need to think more about citizenship, media use, integration etc., which is why we embrace the ideas of the recent project called “Uniting Future Online”.