Cyberbullying is one of the most common forms of new generation violence. Malpractice over the internet and mobile phones has taken on a worrying scale over the last few years. The police every year receives more and more anonymous internet abuse reports. Network phishing, sending SMS messages or images of erotic content (without the consent of the person to whom the SMS is sent), lurking of children for sexual abuse or simply bullying through social networks, forums or blogs are just some of the forms of cyberbullying. It is only a question of the coming of a new form of cyberbulling called “happy slapping” in Croatia – a street attack on a person and recording of violence and the release of such footage on platforms such as youtube.

In order to prevent or at least reduce the percentage of this type of violence, we should first think about your security on the internet or on social networks. The protection of personal data on the Internet is at a very low level as is the awareness of young people about their protection. Young people need to be careful about what they are revealing about themselves, where and how much the network they are publishing their data or pictures is really safe. If comes to another form of online violence such as disturbance through chat or publishing shameful images, young people should contact parents, professors, an adult they trust or if needed – the police.

Dora Purma, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb