Discrimination is something that not only affects young people, it is something that strikes very hard on older people. We know that this is something that exists in our society, but something that we have far too little knowledge about. Old people do not have parents to provide for them if they do not have an income. Do they not have enough money saved they will slowly starve to death, because when you turn 67 you lose the right to work.

In Sweden, as well as in other countries, the amount of older people increases and it is the consequence of the demographic transition. This concept describes the transition from high fertility and high mortality to low birth rates and low death rates. This often happens when a country is industrialized, we simply live longer and give birth to fewer children. According to a study made by five students at a school in Vänersborg, Sweden, 35% of the residents states that they have felt discriminated because of his or her age during a job interview. 65% of the respondents answered that they believed that age discrimination occurs. However, this problem is nothing that is really noticed, because it is due to the fact that there is not much research done on the subject. Another reason is the lack of faith in our society, which is not a surprise when media and the government are darkening the problem. It is also no wonder that only a small part of the perceived discrimination is reported to the police.

Moreover, the Retirement homes takes every penny that these old ones have. When people reach a certain part in life, they are to old and weak to be able to take care of themselves. They need help, but nothing is for free. Back in 1913 those who retired lived an average of eleven years as retirees. The difference today is that the mean age is higher, if we were to have the same length of retirement today the retirement age would be 74 years, according to the newspaper DN. The reason that the right to work ceases at 67 years does not even depend on health reasons, it is a social question. There is a myth that says that old people are weak, slow and start to forget about important details. It might been like that a hundred years ago, but today it is not strange if a person lives to turn a hundred years old. That means they will have to live 33 years on savings, that is equivalent to one third of their lives.

To make a conclusion, there is no wonder if old people feel lonely and depressed in today’s society. If they are not allowed to have a monthly salary for more than 40 years of their lives, they will never be able to keep up with the inflation. In Sweden there is a law that says no person should be discriminated for their age, but at the same time another law is discriminating a big part of the citizens. This indicates on a double standard that slowly but surely takes death on our old ones.

Linn Friberg



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