UFO Venlo april 2018 – Part 1

I was really nervous on the first day when they arrived. When they arrived I was kind of relieved because they were very nice and open. That day we had taco evening at my house. after that we walked for about a hour to get some ice cream. There we met up with other (exchange) students to hang around together and to get to know eachother better.

On the second day we did team building activities in the park and we had a crazy photoshoot in the park. In the evening we ate together with the teacher and students at Beej Benders. After that we played a really fun game in the city called ‘Flikken Venlo’. It was very fun because we could run around with water guns and there were like fake maffia’s and dealers we needed to call.It turned out there were also real drug dealers in the city at the same spot where the fake ones also were, so it was quite creepy and scary. But in the end we solved the murder case! It was a long day so everyone was back-off when they got home.

On the third day we have learned how to debate. We learned a lot of methods for how to debate and what sort of debates there are. When the program that school had arranged for us was over, we went on ourselves to Roermond Outlet. My friends and I mostly went into the City. The weather was very nice so we chilled a terrace. We had a discussion with the waiter because on the menu the chocolate cake we ordered was 3,- , but when we got the bill she said it was 4,50,-. We asked why the price was different but she kept saying: ‘So? What’s the problem now?’ In the end we got pissed so we all just paid her the price on the bill. When we were back in Venlo, we hung around my friends house while the exchange students were biking around Venlo.


Yenly He, Venlo