UFO Venlo april 2018 – Part 2

On wednesday we went to the ISK (international link class). We first got a presentation about the school system in The Netherlands and what they do. Then we got to interview some of the students personally. It was really interesting because they tell you their own story and what they have been through. Some of the stories were quite shocking, you wouldn’t expect that from a child of such a young age. For example, I had a girl and a boy which were both from Syria. They both flee for the war, when they were around 15 years old. They even told us that they had seen heads, arms, death bodys laying all around. That’s not something you suppose to see when you’re that young. It had let me see the ‘war’ from another point of view.

After lunch we went to the Asylum centre from Overloon. The man there told us some basic information and gave us a tour around. I think it was not that exciting because we mostly could only see the building from outside. They don’t have a really bad life there, they have all the necessities to live a proper life. Only having many tourists walking around there house and making pictures of it, is like going to a zoo. We all had that compassion like: ‘oh that’s piteous that they life in such a small space’. For them it’s a big luck they could live in such circumstances, of course it’s not the best but it’s better than staying in a dangerous country. But when people keep visiting them, show their sympathy, making pictures of their rooms, it will make them feel like they live in a bad milieu.

After we got back from Overloon, we ordered Domino’s and ate it at the park. Then we biked together to Taurus where we went bowling.

On Thursday we went to Maastricht. We first got some free time in Maastricht. My friends and I bought some breakfast at AH and went shopping for a little bit. Then we went to the Zonneberg caves. It was really interesting to learn the history behind it and seeing the carved paintings. It began to get a bit scary when all the lights got turned off and we needed to find our way in the dark. Honestly, I was really scared, especially when the boy in front shouted out of nowhere in the dark to scare me. Later when I thought about it, it was quite funny.

After visiting the caves we went back to Maastricht city. We shopped a bit and ate ice cream. In the evening we went eating at Beej Benders which was very delicious. After that we went to my friends house to chill, we were all very tired so we didn’t want to go to the party that was organised by one of the other students. We got home by midnight.

The next day we learned our exchange student some Dutch. After lunch we went to Taurus to lasergame and after that we went to Clevers to eat ice cream. In the evening we went to eat diner at Beej benders. Some of the student went into the city to a pub, but we again stayed home because we were very tired.


Yenly He, Venlo