About us

Valuascollege is situated at the heart of the city of Venlo and is therefore confronted with a great number of developments and challenges both inside and outside of the school itself. We pride ourselves on being part of this community and taking up our social responsibility. Appropriate support for special needs students, new European reference levels for language and mathematics, guiding students towards responsible citizenship, and influence from social media are all important developments in society that we face as a school.

Internally, things are changing as well. A new organisational structure, improved focus on quality education and the development of our students, and guidance for our (new) employees all require our attention. We wish to find solutions for all of these questions based on our own strengths and have therefore developed the following vision statement.


Our vision

We organises the learning of our students along three core values: Passion, Meeting, Mattering. These values form the foundation on which we give meaning to what we do, set goals for our students and employees, and form our (learning)community. These values provide us with an identity that every employee, visitor, student, parent, and partner can experience. These values affect how we shape our organisation and our teaching, our leadership and our employees. They reflect on our students and the community in which we operate and are a part of.

  • Valuascollege: a place for passion

Valuascollege is a place where we invest in our passion and work passionately on whatever we do. It is a place where love of both our students and our subjects is paramount.

  • Valuascollege: a meeting place

Valuascollege is is a place where you meet and are met by people in ways that are meaningful, engaging, and enrich us all.


  • Valuascollege: a place where you matter

Valuascollege is a place where everyone is valued, and everyone matters.

Important pillars to this vision are:

  • Consistent approach to teaching and care
  • Cooperation
  • Made to measure solutions
  • Coherence

Valuascollege…more than a school!