Sweden, a land of endless forests, scattered lakes and northern cold. This is how you will first experience it while flying above and when you leave the plane. But, of course, you can not plan a trip and be unprepared for a country like Sweden. You want to know what you will need and hear that from people who live there.

And for this reason, me and other members of the Croatian UFO team have watched all the important videos that hosts have prepared for us to be 100% ready for this country. Ready for every unexpected challenge.
With packed warm clothes in our suitcases we can say that we were not sure whether we are ready or not to go to Sweden, for which we thought it is much colder country than Croatia. Of course, it is difficult to squeeze the winter jacket in the small size suitcases like we had with us. So we „made a reservation“ to borrow jackets from our hosts. But where to find a solution not to freeze immediately? How to warm up in a Scandinavian country without a winter jacket?
Fortunately, our beloved Swedes are here. As they presented themselves, the Swedes are people closed for strangers contact. But, as I convinced myself there on my own, the Swedes are in the depths of the soul far more than that. Of course, only if you ask for help or you are an obvious desperate lost traveler in a foreign country. Nevertheless, the place where I felt the greatest warmth in my heart was in the family where I stayed. Nothing can replace the pleasure of the Swedish family and their home with all the kindness and happiness they have provided to me. And that is the real example of what the Swedes are really like. Initially closed, but with given opportunity for them to open, you will find the warmest and most comfortable place to be surrounded. Sweden is a cold country, but with people of warm hearts.
Roko Levar, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia