When you come to other countries, you begin to notice the differences between your beloved state and your new temporary or permanent home. So did we.

Born and raised in Croatia, we came to Sweden and saw things that are not as usual to us. The first ”shock” we noticed was when we wanted to throw away our chewing gums from the trip. The big question appeared! Where to put it? In which container? There are six of them and only clue we have is on Swedish!

We began to notice that Swedes are very eco-friendly (unlike Croats). We were taught to throw garbage, but not to separate them. Although we have containers for plastic, paper, glass and batteries, it is not so common to use them as much. So when we were introduced to this system we were quite surprised. In a positive way, of course.

Even the food is mostly ecologic! It is very sad that we do not have that kind of respect to nature in our county. The waste is burned or it´s just stored in a bigger pile in Jakusevac (Zagreb). If it´s not thrown on the ground by reckless Slavs. Not to discriminate, there are people on Balkan who do that, but sadly, it is not in our nature. Sadly again, our garbage is. Maybe our country does not insist on it enough.

Recycling seems to play a major role in this modern country where everything is much more far forward. We do not claim that it can save the world, but surely it can prolong the planet´s life because we are slowly destroying it.

We can see that connecting people and sharing ideas can lead to creating better habits among european members and more beautiful future at its finest.

As long as we are in Sweden, our chewing gums have a place to rest in piece/peace.

Viktorija Velican, Miljana Stojcic